About Company

           Holidays are the perfect time when families strengthen their bonds. It's the only time we leave behind our hectic urban lives, to create memories that will last forever. Often, we are so stressed with day-to-day activities, that each one of us crave for some adventure, fun or simply a romantic stay away from the city. But due to decline in options, exorbitant rates or inconvenient locations, most of the time we settle for an option that we are not completely satisfied with. We believe travel broadens the mind and gives each of us a different perspective on life. Get out and experience the world!

           Over one billion tourists have been travelling internationally each year and predictions are that by 2030, 1.8 billion travelers will be crisscrossing the globe.

           India is one of the most loved destinations worldwide. Visitors get to see the true meaning of unity in diversity right here, The mixed cultures, various religions & a large variety of destinations to choose from are highlights of India. Every state in India has its own story to tell & who else but us can take you on a journey into the past, present & future of this beautiful country.

           Rocklife Holidays is not just a travel agency. We are your personal travel consultants that can take care of all your travel needs. We provide top of the class guidance for acquiring passport & visa for international travel, With Rocklife Holidays you'll know that International travel has never been so easy, comfortable & safe.

           With the intention of providing the clients with the most comfortable and fulfilling travelling experience at Rocklife Holidays, we are offering host of services at very reasonable rates. To make sure that all the accommodation and transportation need of the clients are being effectively met, we are offering gamut of services which include from booking your flights to making restaurant reservations. Car & Coach Rental Services, Hotel Booking Services, Darshan Passes, etc...

           Located in Pune, Established in the year 2015, we have quickly set up a strong foothold in the tour and travel industry under the effective guidance and supervision of our owner Mr. Prakash More. Till Date we have benefited many clients in the region by offering world class services to them. Being a client-centric company, we understand the different requirements and expectations of the clients and accordingly provide services keeping their sole interest as our priority.

           Our aim is to provide our clients with the best vacation stay, without letting them stress about costs and accommodation. It is unique and flexible as you and your family can experience both, comfort and relaxation with us. We plan to offer you a chain of holiday packages that would certainly turn your break into an everlasting memory. Experience the comfort of home, when staying with us. Moreover you have complete exclusivity for your family with the best services and are committed to clean, comfortable and safe accommodation. In our opinion, there is nothing like traveling, TRAVEL with us. When you visit a unique destination and culture, you'll become more open to various ways of life!

If you ask us what do we do with our spare time? As you might have guessed, we travel.....!

About the Director

           “Quality in service can be delivered only through self experience” is what we’ve been told when we first met our director ‘Mr. Prakash Shankerrao More’. A dynamic person who served as a Director, Printing & Stationary & Publication Maharashtra state for around 20 years. He joined the Government press as a traineee & excelled to become the Director of the same Department only through his dedication & efforts.

           During the course of his service he had to travel a lot as the department had their branches all over Maharashtra. Also, he got a chance to visit numerous states & cities in India due to trade related exhibitions nationwide. The government also chose him for knowhow gathering and he acquired an opportunity to travel to East Germany as well as London for the same.

           With a job that requires such extensive travelling, he started to explore locations & enjoying every bit of his travel rather than feeling exhausted or bored. Whenever he could spare some time off his busy schedule, he started visiting various places and somehow travelling became his passion. He travelled all over the country, Holy Places, Historic Places, National Borders, Water fronts, Deserts & Jungles fascinated him so much that by retirement day he actually knew what he wanted to pursue after retirement.

           Rocklife is not just a company, it is a dream, it is a passion & it works on a single motive ‘ENJOYMENT’ because if you can’t enjoy a vacation, then whats the point of having a vacation. With immense experience & serious dedication of providing nothing but the best is what Rocklife is all about.

In all of his journeys, he made sure to note down the problems & difficulties that he had to actually faced like accomodation, food, missing routes, tour guide with incomplete knowledge, Cheat cab drivers to name a few. He was determined that if he is organizing a tour then all these issues are to be resolved first & this actually is a major highlight of Rocklife Holidays.

Nothing makes us happier than making others happy. So join the Rocklife Family, enjoy to the fullest & have the happiest of vacations & tour with us.

Inbound Tours

The inbound tours department is headed by by a team of managers. All the querries are handled in a very professional manner. This not only increases the chances of turning querries into clients but also in repeat clientele.

Outbound Division

Although it is not our core business, we do operate Outbound Tours also under the brand name of Trip10 Holidays. This division basically looks after outbound travel from India and is offering Tailor Made Tours. Tours to Thailand, Mauritius, Dubai, Vietnam/Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore.


We have our own fleet of transport in all of the places we pick and choose the best. The services provided to the client is personalized and friendly which results in repeated clientele with us. Some of our drivers can also communicate in Functional English thus making Services International.