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The words Tamil Nadu literally means ‘The Land of The Tamils or Tamil Country’. The State of Tamil Nadu is the 11th largest State out of the 29 states of India. But what Tamil Nadu lacks in size, it gains in its abundance of natural resources. The western, north-western and the southern parts are abundant in vegetation since they’re the meeting points of the Western and Eastern Ghats with the Nilgiris Hills. This makes the state an ecological niche which gives the State of Tamil Nadu abundance in flora and fauna. Tamil Nadu has also been home to the oldest of civilizations, and has seen the rule of various ancient dynasties like the Chera, Chola and Pandya which ruled the region between 300 BC – 300 AD. The state of Tamil Nadu is thus rich in both the aspects of Cultural and Natural making it a tourist haven. In this article we shall discuss about the 10 popular places you must Visit in Tamil Nadu.


Formerly known by the name Madras, Chennai is the Capital City of Tamil Nadu. The city has been surrounded by the South Indian Kingdoms since ages, thus it has always been the forefront of all cultural, economical, social, commercial and industrial development in the south of India. Chennai is the short form of the actual name Chennapatnam. It’s often nicknamed as the Detroit of India, due to Chennai housing the majority of India’s Automobile industries. Not only industries, the city is famous for its distinctive culture and heritage as well and you might need to take around 2-3 days to properly explore this city alone.

The city houses more than 20 heritage structures including railway stations, Museums, Book Shops, Cinema halls and many more. Chennai is also famous for its clean sandy beaches, parks, temples and cultural centers. There are various shopping attractions here and most sorts for Modern Day Activities one can name. With a big list of tourist attractions, Chennai is aptly the 3rd most visited City by tourists after Delhi and Mumbai.


Also known as Mamallapuram, the city of Mahabalipuram is famous for its ancient and cultural heritage. The city of Mahabalipuram was a prominent sea port dating back to 7th century AD and was ruled by the Pallava Dynasty. The place is famous for its monuments and is classified among the UNESCO world heritage sites. Almost all of the monuments are carved out of Granite and display the brilliance of Dravidian style architecture.

The town is otherwise a small one and the best way to get around it either by foot or bike rental. The attractions in the whole town can be covered in a day or two. The city is bustling with tourists most times of the year except monsoons. The amazing location of this place adds to the charm of the monuments and the intricate carvings. The temples here are a marvel to behold and with the aid of a knowledgeable tour guide one can totally get lost in the ancient stories behind each of the monuments.


The southernmost tip of mainland India, Kanyakumari was formerly known by the name Cape Comorin. The ancient town of Kanyakumari was an important site during the Reign of the Chola, Chera and Pandya dynasty. The town is famous for its beautiful beaches, temples, monuments and cultural centers. The town is also famous for its distinctive culture and hospitable people.


The 3rd largest city in Tamil Nadu, Madurai is also one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. The place has been mentioned by many such as Kautilya and Megasthenes. The city has been ruled by both the Pandya and the Chola dynasties. The city houses a number of important and magnificent temples that it is built around. Geographically the city of Madurai lies on the fertile plains near the river Vaigai which divides the city in two parts. The land is thus mainly used for agriculture and the major supplier for paddy crops such as rice in India.

The majority of tourists who come to Madurai come to visit the various temples that enshrine this ancient city. The Meenakshi Ammam Temple is of prime importance here as it has been mentioned in almost all the ancient texts and is considered as the prime pilgrim spot for the Tamil people. The Temple complex consists of 27 different temples and the highest tower with the height of 51.9 meters high crowns the place. Many different monuments and temples are also a must visit along with the various festivals celebrated here. The town of Madurai is a spiritual experience in itself.

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